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The School Counseling Program is a comprehensive program providing services to all students from Kindergarten through High School.  School counselors collaborate with students, staff, and families to make The Pinnacle Charter School a place where everyone is prepared to succeed.  Utilizing the standards of the American School Counseling Association, Counseling Program is designed to fit the specific needs of students, staff, and parents.  The Counseling Program focuses on providing services to its students in three domains: academics, college/career planning, and social/emotional issues.  Services are provided through individual counseling, group counseling, classroom guidance lessons, and school-wide events.
Available Support Services

If your children attend The Pinnacle Charter School and are living in the following situations, there may be additional education support available to you.  Supports that may be available include: transportation services, information about additional health or education services, resources for after-school program, and payment of costs associated with uniforms or graduation.

Si sus hijos asisten a Pinnacle y están viviendo en las siguientes situaciones no puede ser el apoyo educativo adicional a su disposición. Los soportes que pueden estar disponibles incluyen: servicios de transporte, información sobre servicios de salud o educativos adicionales, los recursos para los programas después de la escuela, y el pago de los costos asociados con los uniformes o graduación.

Meghan Stets
Elementary Counselor (K-2nd Grade)
(303) 450-3985
   ext. 1255
Aubrey Adain
Elementary Counselor (3rd-5th Grade)
(303) 450-3985
Denise Edlowitz
Middle School
(303) 450-3985
   ext. 1302
Christy Elwell
High School
(303) 412-2940
   ext. 2108
Andrew Ponn
High School
(303) 412-2940
   ext. 2123