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Employment Opportunities

Pinnacle Charter School proudly serves our diverse community in helping to shape and nurture our future leaders.  Employees throughout the organization work together on a common vision of student success.

A career with Pinnacle rewards great teachers with the benefits of a charter school:

  • Greater flexibility to meet student needs
  • Increased commitment from parents and students -- they've made a choice to be here
  • A professional learning community featuring meaningful collaboration between teachers, principals, and learning professionals
  • Less bureaucracy in the freedom from union contracts
  • Student uniforms and a closed campus reduce behavior issues and provide students and staff with a safe and secure learning environment
  • A caring, sharing, family-like atmosphere


What makes Pinnacle a great place to work?  Here's what some of our teachers have to say about working here:

"The current administrators of the school are first-class individuals.  I love working with them."

"The students want to be here.  With their help, we have created a family-like atmosphere."

"Freedom in the classroom to teach the way I feel is most effective.  As long as I am covering state standards and goals we have set as a department and school, I have the freedom to teach."

"The opportunity to create my own football program at 25 and be the head coach!"


Do you have the talent, skills, and desire to make a difference?