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Links and Tips for Parents

Knowing who to contact at The Pinnacle and finding the best way to communicate will help you be an effective support in your child's education.  Here are a few tips to help you:

The School Calendar contains many important dates.  We recommend that you post this calendar in your home or office.  The school calendar is available at the Front Office or online.

Due to COVID19,the following information is subject to change.

Arrival and Drop-Off:

  • Arrival and Closed Campus: K-8 students cannot arrive prior to 8:00 am and once they are on campus, they must remain on campus until school begins.  High School students must remain on campus once they arrive at 7:15 am.
  • K-8 Drop-Off and Pick-Up: Kindergarten through 2nd Grade will enter at the East Gate at 8:00 am.  Grades 3-5 will enter at the Front Entrance at 8:00 am.  Grades 6-8 will enter at the West end of the building at 8:00 am.  Parents must use the parking lot and parking garage if they are physically walking students to the door.  Parents must use the drop-off lane if they do not plan on walking their students to the door.  DO NOT park and leave your car in the drop-off lane.
  • Parking: Parents must use the parking lot and parking garage when visiting the school.  Auto Zone and the Corner Store will tow your car if you leave your car in their parking lots.  Please be respectful of these establishments and leave the parking spaces for their customers.

School Lunches: 

  • Parents may pay in advance online for school lunches through MySchoolBucks.  This online program is very useful, even if you do not prepay.  You can access your student's account to view what they eat each day, check the balance, and prepay.  You will need an account number to create an account with this program.  This number can be obtained by calling the Food Service Department or the Front Office.
  • Students may choose to bring a lunch from home or purchase one at the school.  Free and Reduced lunch applications must be filled out EACH YEAR.  Applications are available at the school's Front Office or online.
  • A School Lunch Menu is available at the front office.

School Attendance and Early Release:  

If your K-8 student will be absent, you will need to report the absence by calling 303-450-3985 and press 3.  High School absences can be reported by calling 202-412-2940 and press 3.  If you wish to have your student released early for the day, please call 303-450-3985 and press 3.  Early release calls must be made at least two hours in advance.  Every attempt will be made to have your student waiting at the Front Lobby when you arrive.

Check Student Grades:

It is very important to register for an account on the Infinite Campus Portal to view your student's progress.  The Parent Portal gives parents a current view of grades, missing work, and email access to each teacher involved in your child's education.  For more information, please contact the Registrar.


The Pinnacle Uses several methods to communicate with parents and guardians:

  • Website: Parents will want to stay connected to The Pinnacle website at  Please check the website regularly.
  • Newsletter:  We have a monthly newsletter that is sent out my email and is also available at the Front Office.  Please contact the Registrar to provide your recent or updated email address.
  • Infinite Campus Messenger:  The Pinnacle will often send out telephone calls to the contact phone number that is provided in your student's file when we have important notices.  You can request this information be changed or updated by placing a request through Infinite Campus or contacting the Registrar.  Infinite Campus Messenger will send messages to each family in the elementary, middle, and high school.  We apologize if you have a student at more than one school; the system will send a call to each student in each school, so it is possible that you may receive several calls with the same message.
  • Emails: weekly emails are sent to parents with important information and reminders.  If you included an email address on your registration forms, you will begin to receive these weekly emails.  If you did not provide an email address on your registration form and you would like to sign up to receive these messages, please contact the .
  • Weekly/Quarterly Classroom Newsletters:  K-5 teachers and classes will post newsletters on their classroom pages to keep you informed on events and information in the classroom.
  • The Pinnacle Telephone Numbers and Email:  Parents can call their student's teacher or various departments at any time.  If you do not know the extension for the person you are calling, you may dial ext. 1000 to ask the Front Office for assistance.  Email is a great way to communicate with teachers and staff members.  Use the Directory to search for individual email addresses and telephone extensions.  The Front Office can also provide you with a copy of this information.


Parents are encouraged to express any concerns they have.  The best place to begin is by communicating with the person closest to your concern.  For instance, if your student is not bring home weekly homework, you will begin with your student's teacher.  If you do not receive an adequate response, you may complete a Parent Concern Form (located in the Front Office) and submit it to the Principal.  Please see the Parent Student Handbook  for more details.

Parent/Teacher Conferences:  

Parents may conference with teachers at any point during the school year by setting up an appointment directly with the teacher.  We also have several conference dates scheduled during the school year.  Please mark your calendars with this information and plan to attend.  The conference dates are available on the School Calendar.  If you are unable to attend on the scheduled date, please contact your student's teacher to arrange for a time to meet. 

School Uniforms:

Uniforms can be purchased through CBF Graphics, Land's End, Educational Outfitters, or at any clothing store.  Please read the school uniform webpage.