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About Meetings & Sessions

Open Sessions
A meeting is open to the public if it is attended by three or more members of a charter school board or a quorum of the board and any public business is discussed or any formal action is taken.


Work Sessions
Work sessions are for discussion only.  No formal actions are taken in work sessions.  The Pinnacle Charter School board will never vote on a motion while it is in a work session.  If the board wants to adopt a motion after discussing it in a work session, it will be presented in an open session.


Procedure for expressing concerns to the board:

The Pinnacle Board and administration seeks to provide the highest quality service to the public and wishes to improve wherever service may be deficient.  Therefore, the administration invites constructive criticism from parents and patrons of the school.  Parents or patrons of the school who wish to express a concerns must following the procedures.

Before you bring a problem to the Board, have you:

  • discussed it with your student's teacher (if it's a classroom problem)?
  • discussed it with the appropriate principal (if it's a school problem)?
  • discussed it with the appropriate Department Director (if it's a Food Service, Transportation, Facilities, Registration, or Business Problem)?
  • followed the process for resolving complains outlined in the Parent/Student Handbook?

If you have a concern that you would like to communicate, see below for The Pinnacle Charter School Expression of Concern and Appeal forms.  After completion, submit the form to the appropriate person indicated on the form.  Thank you.