Our Program
The Pinnacle Charter School, School Counseling Program is a comprehensive program providing services to all students from Kindergarten through High School.  School counselors collaborate with students, staff, and families to make The Pinnacle Charter School a place where everyone is prepared to succeed.  Utilizing the standards of the American School Counseling Association, Pinnacle Charter School's counseling program focuses on providing services to its students in three domains: academics, college/career planning, and social/emotional support.  Services are provided through individual counseling, group counseling, classroom guidance lessons, community resource connections, and school-wide events.
Community Resources
Timby's Tienda, the Pinnacle Charter School resource room is now accepting ONLINE ORDERS! Timby's Tienda offers 100% FREE food, hygiene products, gently used clothing and MORE! 
To place an online order please click HERE, or visit https://forms.gle/gfq8m4yo5RVv89Vz9 
Orders will be available for pick up between 2:30-3:45 pm on Tuesday afternoons - Come to the Event Center (located in between the K-8 building and parking ramp) during those hours to pick up your online order.
Orders must be placed no later than 1:00pm on Tuesday to be ready for pick up. 
Clothes to Kids Denver is a local program dedicated to providing free clothing to the students in the Denver Metro Area. To access your referral for free clothing please click HERE
Available Support Services

If your children attend The Pinnacle Charter School there may be additional education support available to you.  Supports that may be available include: transportation services, information about additional health or education services, resources for after-school program, and payment of costs associated with uniforms or graduation. For questions regarding additional supports please contact your student's Counselor. 

Sibley Fillette
Elementary Counselor
(K-1st Grade)
[email protected] 
Hope Smith 
Elementary Counselor 
(2nd-3rd Grade)
[email protected] 
Alex Ramirez
*Hablo Español
Elementary Counselor (4th-5th Grade)
[email protected] 
Morgan Harksen 
Middle School Counselor
(6th Grade M-Z & 7th Grade)
[email protected] 
Denise Edlowitz
Middle School Counselor
(6th Grade A-L & 8th Grade)
[email protected]
Katie Ball
HS Social & Emotional Counselor
9th-12th Grade (A-L) Academic Advisor
[email protected]
Lydia Gibson
HS Student Success Coordinator
9th-12th Grade (M-Z) Academic Advisor
[email protected]rg 
Meghan Hampe
K-12 Counseling Coordinator