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Q: What is a Charter School?

A: Pinnacle is a public charter school. Charter schools are a unique and important part of Colorado's education system. Charter schools are open to all students and offer families an alternative to their zoned public schools.  Key points about Pinnacle and all charter schools:
  • Independent public schools with rigorous curriculum programs
  • Tuition-free and open to all students in Colorado
  • Offer quality and choice in the public education system
  • Flexibility to be innovative, entrepreneurial, self-governing, and yet are held accountable for student and operational performance

Q: Does Pinnacle Charter School offer full- or half-time kindergarten?
A: Pinnacle offers only full-time Kindergarten. Kindergartners MUST be five (5) years of age as of October 1st of the applicable year.
Q:  What is the difference between Connect and Direct?  
A: Pinnacle Direct is a tuition-free choice school that offers a safe, conscientious, in-person learning experience for students from Kindergarten through 12th Grade.  Our school provides an excellent community environment for students to learn, thrive and grow academically, socially and emotionally.  Pinnacle Direct offers:

  • Safe, In-Person Classes with Peers
  • Highly Qualified Educators Trained to Support Diverse Learning Needs
  • Academic & Social Interaction
  • Instruction Based on 21st Century Skills & Standards
  • Strong Community Environment for Students & Parents
  • Free Athletics & Activities for Students of All Ages
  • Community-Oriented Events & Activities for All Students & Families
Pinnacle Connect is an excellent academic option for both students and parents alike.  Pinnacle Connect offers:


  • Full Online Support from Certified Educators
  • Online Orientation & Tutorials for Parents
  • Progress Monitoring & Skill Mastery Communicated in Easy Dashboard
  • Over 700 Courses Providing a Diverse and Challenging Academic Experience
  • Daily Task Organization & Curriculum Guidance for Students & Parents
  • Student Involvement in the Pinnacle Community
  • Free Athletics, Extracurricular Activities & Community Events
While we recognize that recent circumstances have heightened the need for online education platforms, we have implemented Pinnacle Connect as a fully integrated and functional educational program that meets students where they are in their educational journey.  Pinnacle Connect is for Colorado residents only.

Q: How will I know when my student has been accepted?
A: After we receive all of the documents requested and a spot becomes available for your student, families will be contacted by phone or e-mail, to inform them about the open spot and make an offer. Families have 10 business days to accept by or they will be removed from the wait list. If the parents accept the spot, we will send them final paperwork to complete to hold their spot for the applicable school year.

Q: What if one of my students is accepted and the other is still on the wait list?
A: It is possible that not all siblings will be accepted. We only offer student spots when they are available.  If there are any Priority Enrollments (siblings of current students, previous students , and children of Charter School employees) in a particular grade, they will be identified and provided an Invitation to Enroll prior to other applicants. For grade levels that are under filled, applicants who submit applications prior to or during our enrollment period, shall be admitted on a first come first serve basis.

Q: How many students do you have per classroom?
A: Classroom sizes vary among the grade levels
  • Kindergarten and First Grade classes can have up to 25 students per classroom.
  • Second through Sixth Grade classes can have up to 28 students per classroom.
  • Seventh through Eighth Grade classes can have up to 30 students per classroom.
  • High School classes can have up to 30 students per classroom.
Q: Do you require students to be immunized?
A: Yes. We follow the Colorado legislation required and recommended immunizations.
Q: Are your teachers certified?
A: Yes. All of our teachers are certified and their degrees range between Bachelors and Ph. D.

Q: What is the registration process?
A: Parents/Guardians must submit an online application form indicating their desire for their child to attend Pinnacle.  This form will collect basic applicant information and contact information from the parent/guardian.  You must submit your student’s records, including proof of age and identity (Example: birth certificate) and immunization records, within 5 business days of the application to hold your spot for admittance. If there is availability an enrollment offer will be extended, and if there is not availability at this time student's will be added to our waitlist.  Once you accept the offer to enroll, you must complete the final paperwork to save your student's spot for the next school year. Pinnacle will continue to take students from our waitlist, and enroll until Colorado Count Day, usually around October 1st of every year.  Please see our enrollment page for more information 

Q: Do Pinnacle students wear uniforms?
A: Uniforms are not required and are optional.  Click here to get a better understanding on the school's expectations for students' dress.

Q: What type of fees are required?
A: Although we are tuition free, we do have some once a year fees associated with workbooks, supplies, technology, etc. Please take a look at our fees on the Student Fees page before you submit your application. If you qualify for free/reduced lunch, these fees can be waived or reduced upon presentation of your qualifying letter. The 2020-2021 annual fee for all students will be $50.00 per student.

Q: Does the Pinnacle provide transportation for my students?
A: The Pinnacle has a fleet of school buses to transport Pinnacle students. The fee for the bus is $175.00 per year per student. Each stop is created based on need. Parents will need to fill out a bus application in order to be considered. Service is provided on a first-come first-serve basis. If you qualify for free/reduced lunch, these fees can be waived upon presentation of your qualifiying letter. For more information, visit the Transportation web page.

Q: How do we apply for Free/Reduced Lunch?
A: The lunch assistance application is currently available online. For more information or copy visit https://www.myschoolapps.com/.